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A Complete Business Optimization of Productivity and Savings to Reduce Overhead and Improve Your Bottom-line

Kitera connects billions of devices, sensors, equipment, and hardware to provide critical business intelligence data in real-time. This helps organizations cut costs, save time, and simply enhance their decision-making process while strengthening the entire system's infrastructure.

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Can't We All Just Get Along? - Yes!

Kitera's proprietary technology connects devices, equipment, hardware, sensors, and machines by turning each into a data point. From this network, Kitera generates business intelligence and insightful analytics enhancing your organization's decision-making process.

  • Local & remote control of connected devices, systems, and platforms
  • Compatable with all devices
  • Support of any enabled Application API
  • Enhance your existing infrastructure by allowing Kitera to tie it all together

Understanding Kitera and Your Business.

Kitera flexibly adapts and scales to your unique business needs. Intelligently manage relatable data across multiple systems, environments, and industries with no compatability issues. Gain transparent insights with a unified user experience for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

  • Receive real-time data from your devices, equipment, and hardware; including notifications
  • Streamline fragmented processes to save time, cut costs, and reduce error occurrences
  • Discover data insights and new trends

Effortless is the Key to Excellence.

Kitera has a passion for effortless user, system, and business experiences across a variety of mediums. Our innovation is driven by our inspiration; technology without boundaries or restrictions. Understand business pains and how to capitalize with real-time analysis reports. With AI and predictive data solutions, you can make better informed decisions at a fraction of the time and cost.

  • A clear competitive advantage with effortless experiences across all devices
  • Increased organization, insights, and time management
  • Faster data influenced decision-making while increasing productivity
  • Voice control
3rd Party App Development

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Kitera provides a SDK for companies to develop in-house or retail-ready solutions that are viable, marketable, and scalable. We love empowering organizations to blossom, transform, and attract like-minded advocates to thrive and grow their businesses. What happens after you connect all the dots?

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